30th Birthday Party Ideas For Women

A 30th birthday only comes once, and most women want theirs to be special. Whether she wants a huge party for the big 30 year mark, or a small gathering, there are plenty of 30th birthday party ideas for women.

Las Vegas Getaway

Las Vegas is one of the top 30th birthday ideas. The birthday girl can get together with her best friends and have a blast on The Strip. It’s one of the hottest places for a birthday party, and this getaway makes a perfect surprise 30th gift. Plenty of places also give away freebies for birthday events.

30th Birthday Party Ideas For Women Bring You To Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas? Her 30th B-Day!!!

Favorite Restaurant

If something huge isn’t her style, then a small surprise party at her favorite restaurant is a great idea. Bring some birthday party supplies to decorate the reservation area. Table coverings, centerpieces and chair covers are a few ideas. Don’t forget to bring a sash for the guest of honor. Restaurants are usually more than willing to accommodate to a special event. The birthday woman may even get to eat and drink for free.

Local Spa Day

A local spa day is one of the best 30th birthday party ideas for women. What lady doesn’t enjoy being pampered on her birthday? From pedicures to massages, a spa location is the perfect idea for a small birthday party gathering of close friends and relatives.

Theme Party At Home

As far as birthday ideas go, an at-home theme party is a great choice too. Think about the birthday woman’s favorite things. Paris, cupcakes, shabby chic and 80s themes are all great ideas. Don’t create a party around the interests of guests though. Make sure she will love the theme that is chosen. Surprise her after work with a decorated house and lots of friends and family.

Nature Adventure

Having a birthday party in a park is the perfect idea for nature-loving gals. Choose something local and picturesque. Invite family and friends and set up games and activities to participate in. This is a low-budget party idea that she won’t forget. To make it extra special, hire a photographer to capture every special moment.

Wine Tasting Event

30th Birthday Party Ideas For Women Who Like Wine Tasting


Local wineries are always willing to host birthday parties, assuming that the guests are all over the age of 21. A wine tasting event is a chic and unique choice for the lady that loves wine. Take her here with a group of close friends to explore the different flavors of wine. At the end of the tasting, buy her a bottle of her favorite wine.

Tips For Her 30th Birthday Party:

  • Be sure to choose something she will enjoy.
  • Ask for food and cake preferences far in advance.
  • Invite people that you know she cares about, try to avoid inviting people she may have a grudge against.
  • Plan ahead.

There are dozens of 30th birthday party ideas for women. Some of them are easier than others, but choose something that will interest her and be a night to remember.

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