30th Birthday Party Ideas For Men

There’s nothing like a milestone to mark the inevitable passage of time. In the past, a man often joined the military, left for college, got married, or took over the family farm to mark the change from childhood into adulthood. However, many people these days are waiting longer to get married, they take classes at home, and few people follow in their parents’ footsteps for work. With the cultural lengthening of childhood, the twenties are the new teens. Of course, this means that that there is a rising demand for 30th birthday party ideas for men. Turning thirty is one of the most common landmarks of passing into adulthood, and many people want to celebrate accordingly.

30th Birthday Party Ideas for Men

If friends want to throw a surprise 30th birthday party, one of the key items to consider is the date of the party. As almost any thirty-year-old will become wary and suspicious around their birthday, if his friends plan a surprise for a week or two in advance, it is far more likely to be a successful surprise.

30th Birthday Party Ideas For Men - It's Max's Birthday!Gifts are also a key component of a successful party. Ironically, this can be extremely difficult in the modern world because many people that are turning thirty have established themselves in their line of work and may have adequate funds to buy whatever “toys” that they desire. However, because thirty can be such a threshold birthday, it’s a perfect time to choose birthday gifts that may trigger nostalgia for a bygone childhood. For example, finding old toys at swap meets or online is usually very appreciated. Similarly, tickets to visit an old family vacation spot can be very meaningful.

Party Supplies

For the practical matters, there are several important party supplies that you must be certain to have on hand:

  • Thirty-themed gifts/games – These can include such basics as thirty-dollar gift cards or thirty candy bars, or they may be as expensive as tickets to thirty ball games or a thirty-day vacation. Of course, it’s even better if exactly thirty friends can attend.
  • Cameras – Cellphone cameras have made this item almost unnecessary these days, but a few extra inexpensive cameras laying around can ensure that the day will be remembered.
  • Music – Old school tunes work best (30 is the new 20 after all, right?)

Again, because 30 is such a turning point, one of the interesting activities is to listen to the music that was popular either when the guest of honor was born or when they graduated from high school. In both cases, music can quickly stir up memories of childhood and still be entertaining.

The 30th birthday party is a tricky one, because it can be a reminder of how life is passing by or a encouragement to start living. Any 30th birthday party ideas for men must be careful to balance these two factors. A successful 30th party will incorporate just enough of the past to bring up pleasant memories and enough fun to keep it lighthearted. After all, just yesterday they were only a kid out of college.

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